We are a group of architects with various experiences ranging from academic teaching to planning private works. We also deal with implementation planning,architectural and interior design.
We have an interest in environmental improvement and in the reuse of existing buildings according to principles of sustainability and renovation of everyday living spaces.
Ours is an ever-changing and dynamic group that sees our profession as architects as a service resulting from an ongoing multidisciplinary dialogue and research.
To us, every project involves research, it has a meaning, a story to tell. We consider spaces as physical representations of needs and emotions of man and society.
This compels us to analyse in great detail every element of the project, through a close dialogue with clients and all parties involved.

Architectural Walking Tours

“Understanding architectural works is not the same as determining the style of a building… one must experience it” (Steen Eiler Rasmussen)
Through architectural walking tours we suggest various levels of interpretation of historical and unique locations in Milan and northern Italy.
The tours, conceived and organized by architects are all walking routes, thus valuing movement as an ever-changing way to appropriate spaces, relating to them trying to get a feel of their shape and meaning.
Your body, as a vehicle, becomes instrumental in learning and experiencing the world of architecture.
We organize themed walking tours enabling participants to empathize with the city, identifying themselves with the history of a particular place, work of art and its creator.
They are aimed at private citizens or companies, groups or individuals and can be customized on themes suggested by clients in several languages.

Courtyards and Gardens

A courtyard is an outside space protected by the walls of a building. It can be a private world, totally disconnected from its context, an introverted landscape. It can induce perceptions on various scales and complexities, representing the magnitude of the abstract idea of power, religion, etc. We will unearth an off-the-beaten track and intimate Milan, through the rhythms of the protected spaces of ancient abodes, cloisters, gardens and more unconventional ones, evoking an emotional response through their use of space, functions and history.


Riuso (Reuse) (Sustainable Urban Regeneration)

It is a transformation process of our existing building heritage through improvement initiatives directed at energy savings and urban regeneration. We will visit temporary reuse and radically-transformed locations which are changing the shape of the city. We will analyse the different kinds of architectural interventions, their impact on the existing heritage and the new phenomena come into being in order to identify ourselves with this ever-changing environment.


Aristocratic Palaces and Villas

The ancient grandeur of long-gone eras is shown in the buildings and villas of the aristocratic nobility of Milan. The facades of ancient abodes, still embellishing whole neighbourhoods of the city hide lavish private spaces and memories of eminent characters. We will open the door of historical palaces and will visit unknown places. We will enter the reception rooms of various belles étages to bring back to you old atmospheres and appreciate the décor and ornamentation. We will grasp the structure, its rhythm, the architectural proportions intertwining past and present.



Every city displays a vast catalogue of materials in its historical and contemporary buildings. Our tours will highlight the cultural, architectural, tactile and sensory links associating a particular material with a building. Our research also aims at rediscovering the historical and geological value of the surrounding region, on which other classical and historical buildings depend, comparing and contrasting them with innovative materials and technologies of contemporary architecture.


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